The Leaders in Veterinary CT & MRI

How we work

With eight of the most advanced MRI and CT systems in the world, and an accessible network of 75 scanning centres around the UK and Ireland, we can bring the benefits of safe and effective imaging to veterinary surgeons and pet owners nationwide. With regular hardware and software updates, and servicing and maintenance of the highest quality, all of our scanning systems are reliable, efficient and leading edge.

Through our dedicated and specialist team of clinical staff, we can establish a tailored imaging solution to meet the individual requirements of each practice and veterinary surgeon. We have years of experience in all aspects of MRI and CT scanning, allowing us to offer a unique and comprehensive imaging service for you and your clients.

With just one quick phone call, we can offer expert advice and guidance, help you to liase with your nearest scanning centre to make an appointment, and discuss your aims and aspirations in procuring cross sectional imaging capabilities.

When you refer patients to a Burgess Diagnostics centre, you will receive the scan image results, and if required, a specialist written clinical report, to ensure that you have all of the necessary tools to come to an accurate and reliable diagnosis.The majority of scan procedures take as little as 30 to 60 minutes to complete and are completely harmless.

Whether you want to refer animals to us occasionally or would like to join our network of scanning centres as a partnership site, we can enhance your practice with accurate, cost-effective and reliable veterinary imaging, and help you to offer a more comprehensive service to clients.

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