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Magnetic Resonance Imaging or MRI is a powerful diagnostic imaging process which uses a magnetic field to produce high quality images in multiple planes.

The images are generated using a superconducting magnet and pulsed radio waves. MRI is unparalleled in the investigation of soft tissues due to its superior contrast sensitivity and tissue discrimination.

This, combined with imaging in any plane without any associated x-radiation, makes MRI the optimum method of investigation in the majority of clinical cases.

For accurate diagnosis and lesion localisation, MRI is now the investigation of choice in all neurological, joint and spinal disease processes. With multi-planar capabilities, various MRI sequences and the latest contrast agents, tissue and disease characterisation will allow accurate identification and case treatment/management.

All of our imaging systems are regulatory compliant and benefit from regular hardware and software updates, ensuring that our scan procedures are of the highest level of quality every time.

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